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The total number of Representatives in congress is 435

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their are 435 rep's. in the House of Representatives and the senate together

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There are 435 representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Q: Total number in the house of reps?
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What is the size of the house of reprensentatives?

The total amount of house reps. is 435 members.

What is the lowest number of house members any state can have?

The house of representatives may have 1 state rep at the very least. There are 435 house members (District of Columbia has 1 rep - constitutional amendment #23, 1961 - for a total of 436, but only for the electoral college - not for regular legislation). The states are granted house members based on population, which varies from year to year, so the number of reps is subject to change. However, the total number of reps is fixed @ 435. Hope that helps.

Why do some state have more members in the house of representatives?

Because each state's number of members in the house is based on that states population. In example the # of house reps in california will be more then the # of reps for the state of rhode island

How many member is in legisalature?

535 total members, 435 in the House of Reps. and 100 in the Senate

Is the house or the senate the most numerous member of the legislative branch?

The Senate has 2 reps per state. That's 50 states times 2. 100 in the Senate. The House has reps based on population. It gets complicated but basically they stopped basing it on the number in the population and set the total number at 435 and now base it off relative population. So the house has way more members.

How many people are there in the house of senate?

This is the United States, where there is ot anything called the house of senate. There is a Senate which has 59 members, from each state. The other branch of congress is called the House of Representatives, and the number of reps in the House of Reps depends on the number that have been elected from each state district.

How many reps does the house of reps have?

435 rep.

What is the factor in determining the number of Reps from each state in us house of Rep?


Which state has the highest number of representatives in the house if reps?

California has the hightest number of state represtentatives, 53 to be exact.

Is the mace in the house of reps or senate?

the mace is in the house of reps and when the government go to the senate they take it with them

What does it mean to reapportion seats in the house of reps?

the number of house seats for each state is changed based on population changes

What is the number of years a term of office is from a member of the us house of reps?

There are two years in a term for a member of the US House of Representatives.