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the state bird

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Q: WHAT countries never had a Communist government?
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Is their still a communist government if so where?

There has never been a true Marxist Communist government, mostly because Capitalism has never passed through Marx's end-stage capitalism.However countries claiming to be communist include:North KoreaChinaCuba

Why do communist government have communist economies?

There is no such thing as a Communist government or a Communist economy. Communism means no classes, no government, no money.

What countries have communist government?


Do communist countries have constitution?

The awnser is no because ther are no laws in communist countries. Well for government officials that is!

Is Switzerland's government communist?

No. There are no communist countries in Europe anymore.

Is South Korea still communist government?

South Korea was never a communist government; North Korea, however, remains communist.

Is Vietnam communist today?

No, Vietnam has never been Communist (which means a global society with no classes or money or government).

How many countries in the Caribbean area are communist?

As of now, there are no countries in the Caribbean area that are governed by a communist political system. Some countries in the Caribbean have socialist parties or elements in their government, but none are strictly communist.

What are the spanish speaking countries that are communist?

The only Spanish-speaking country with a communist government is Cuba.

Is cubas communist government good?

No, bielive me, never a communist goverment is good for thier people

What happens to markets when countries become communist?

They are completely controlled by the government.

How does communism work in Japan?

Japan does not have a communist government. Never has.