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Did Fredrick Douglass become Vice President

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No- certainly not by any national party. He did receive a vote for presidential nominee in the Republican nomination convention.

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No- he did not.

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Q: Was Frederick Douglass nominated for vice president of the US?
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What year did Frederick Douglass get nominated for vice president?

Frederick Douglass was nominated for Vice-President in the year 1872. See the following link for more.

Was Frederick Douglass a Republican?

Frederick Douglass WAS a Republican. He stated so publicly, in print and speeches throughout his adult life calling it "the party of freedom and progress." "I recognize the Republican Party as the sheet anchor of the colored man's political hopes and the ark of his safety."

What was the presidential platform of Frederick Douglass and Victoria Woodhull Claflin?

The Equal Rights Party nominated Victoria Claflin Woodhull as its presidential candidate in 1872. Frederick Douglass was nominated as the vice-presidential candidate. Douglass never acknowledged the nomination and did not actively run. Woodhull couldn't even vote, since women didn't yet have that right in the US. Woodhull's platform was one of equal rights for women, and she was an outspoken proponent of free love.

How is the vice president nominated?

Picked individually by the candidates for president

How are the republican and democratic nominees for president and vice president chosen?

Usually they are senators or governors who are often nominated. The Vice President is 99% nominated with no doubt, except if they don't want to.

How has Frederick Douglass influenced people?

During the Civil War Douglass, a Radical Republican, tried to persuade President Abraham Lincoln that former slaves should be allowed to join the Union Army. After the war Douglass campaigned for full civil rights for former slaves and was a strong supporter of women's suffrage.Frederick Douglass fought for what he believed in.

How long does a Vice President remain in office If the President of the US is unable to perform his duties?

The Vice President could become Acting President in the event of Presidential disability, and there is no codified term. A new Vice President would not be nominated. Should the Vice President succeed to the Presidency, then he would serve out the remainder of that President's term, and a new Vice President would ordinarily be nominated to fill the Vice President's unexpired term.

Can Bill Clinton be nominated vice president?

I think he can run again for president.

Who fills the Vice President's spot if the Vice President leaves office 45k?

A new Vice President is nominated by the President and must be approved by a majority vote of both houses of Congress.

How is a person nominated to be a candidate for vice president?

Candidates for President get to choose their own running mates.

Was James Garfield vice president?

No- he was never VP. He was an 8-term congressman when he was nominated for president.

What was the result of president richard Nixon having to follow the twenty-fifth amendment?

After Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned in 1973, Nixon nominated Gerald Ford to replace him, as required by the 25th Amendment, Section 2. After President Nixon resigned in 1974, Gerald Ford became President, satisfying Section 1 of the 25th Amendment.