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He wasn't. George Brown is a father of Confederation. George Brown spoke out for Rep by Pop and like most Liberals wanted Free Trade with the USA but his most famous speech, or one of them, in the House in 1865 was very pro Confederation.

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Q: Was George Brown against confederation
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Was Georg Brown for or against confederation?

he was for confederation.

What did George brown do?

he was a politician who was supported confederation. He is a father of confederation.

Who was the leader of the reform party during confederation?

George Brown

Who were the three fathers of confederation?

John A. Macdonald, George Etiennes Cartier, and George Brown

How did john a Macdonald convince George Brown about confederation?

he told George that Upper and Lower Canada can have better chance to govern, if they have whole province of Canada and also better have defense against United State

Who were the Fathers of Confederation of Canada?

George Brown John A. McDonald Etienne Paschal Tache George Etienne Cartier

Was George brown in the London conference?

No, George Brown wasn't at the London confederation conference. he wasn't at that conference because he was recovering from a failed assassination attempt on his life.

How did George brown help confederation?

he helped confederation by stepping down and letting John A MacDonald combine the Parti Bleu with the Conservatives (the Tories)

Who was part of the confederation of Canada?

The four fathers of confederation were Sir John A Macdonald, George Brown, Alaxender Galt, and George Cartier, Sir John A MacDonald being the co-"primeinister"at the time...

Who are the 3 founding father's of the internet?

the 3 founding fathers of confederation are John A. Macdonald, George Brown, George-Etienne Cartier.

What are the key personalities for confederation?

The four key confederation leaders in Canada confederation are John A. Macdonald, George-Etienne Cartier, George Brown, and Etienne-Paschal Tache.

What were john a MacDonald and george brown?

John A MacDonald was the first prime minister of Canada. And George Brown was the journalist who founded the newspaper globe and his politician is reform party. They are both from the fathers of confederation