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Q: How did George Brown help build the confederation?
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How did George brown help confederation?

he helped confederation by stepping down and letting John A MacDonald combine the Parti Bleu with the Conservatives (the Tories)

Why is the first national government of the US called a confederation?

Because it governs a federation of states that have governments in their own rite as well.

Did John Dickinson help write the Articles of Confederation?

Yes he did help write it. the Second Contental Congress wrote and rattified the Articles of Confederation.

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What is the best answer for George Washington purpose for the cabinet?

To help out the states in the rights of what they needed like the articles of confederation the citizens wanted more freedom with the things they didn't get what they needed or at least wanted so he and his members made a cabinet

How did Thhomas Jefferson help during the time of the Articles of Confederation?


How did railways lead to confederation?

It helped the confederation of Canada because it would help to trade to buy and sell goods to other colonies rather than just to your own colony which wouldn't help them at all....

Who did George Washington help?

George Washington was the top general in the Revolutionary War. He guided the Americans to build forts, face the extreme weather, and with the help of other Americans, led the Americans to victory. He helped the 13 colonies get/earn their freedom. He also helped people when he served as the first US President.

Did Vikings help build societies?

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How did the articles of confederation change the colonists' minds of the role of the government?

I need help

What two Georgians help write Articles of Confederation?

who wrote the Georgia constitution