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Yes. The stamp act was part of the Revolutionary. Since it's part of the revolutionary and George Washington was part of the Revolutionary, then he was part of the stamp act.

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Yes George Washington support the stamp act

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Q: Was George Washington in the stamp act?
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What types of transactions did the Stamp Act require taxes to be paid on?

By George Washington.

Who wrote The Act?

Stamp Act Congress and King George 3rd

What englishman was responsible for the stamp act?

King George III imposed the Stamp Act on the colonists in 1775 i think.

When was George Washington put on a stamp?

The very first US stamp pictures Washington. It was a 5 cent black stamp. Benjamin Franklin was pictured on the 10 cent stamp.

What position did the Virginia's elect George Washington to after England began taxing the colonist?

The 1765 Stamp Act was the first of the taxes imposed directly on the colonies by England. At the First Virginia Convention in 1774, George Washington, who staunchly opposed the Act, was chosen to be a delegate to the First Continental Congress.

Who was the first US President to be on a postage stamp?

It was George Washington on the 10 cent stamp in 1847.

Who is the british treasurer who started the stamp act?

george grenville

Which king repealed the stamp act?

King George III

Who was in power at the time of stamp act?

King George III

What are some laws George Washington enacted?

One of the laws that George Washington enacted is the Judiciary act of 1789. Another of the laws that George Washington enacted is the Naturalization Act of 1790.

How did colonists react to the stamp act the quartering act and the sugar act?

They asked King George to repeal them and he did.

Why was the stamp act passed by king george?

because he needed money from the French and Indian War