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yes he was

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Q: Was George Washington offered the title of Emperor?
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What is a good title for a report on the early life of George Washington?

George Washington's Youth

What was George Washington's title before the war?


What title was shared by both George Washington and Jefferson Davis?

The title that George Washington and Jefferson Davis shared was being a president.

What title was shared by George Washington and Jefferson Davis?


What title did George Washington take upon himself when he was President?

Mr. President

What title was shared by both George Washington and Jeffreson Davis?


What is the verb in this sentence George Washington was the first President?

The nouns are: George Washington and President, proper nouns for the name of a person and the person's title.

George Washington was given what title in recognition of his leadership in the cause of American independence?

"The Father of His Country"

What title was Charlemagne given by Pope Leo III in 800AD?

He was given the title of Holy Roman Emperor.

Is a title with a name considered an appositive or appositive phrase?

Neither. We say the title and name together: "President George Washington fought in the Revolutionary War", as opposed to "President, George Washington, fought in the Revolutionary War". To make it an appositive it would need to read: " A president, George Washington, fought in the Revolutionay War". Because then it is reiterating "A president" but isnt necessary for completion of the idea.

Why we don't have a kings in America?

The American revolution was fought to get away from monarchy - (kings). There was real talk for a short while to make George Washington a King - actually, Emperor. Washington could have 'allowed' this to happen - but he didn't. He was an extraordinary person and worthy of the title 'Father of the Nation'. He even insisted on the simple title of 'Mr. President'. His example has stood the test of time and the subject never came up again.

What is the title of the project president George Washington commissioned between the year 1790 to 1795?

i think in 1790