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He was the first President under the new Constitution, the only one to be elected by unanimous vote of the electoral college. Under ther previous Articles of Confederation, therte was no president or any type of chief executive.

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Q: Was George Washington really the first president some say there is a possibility that he wasnt?
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Who is really the first president?

George Washington

Who was really the first president of the US?


What is the first american president's name?

the first President of the United States was George Washignton. but many people do not know that there was really 7 or 8 other presidents before the declaration and totally unity of the states.

Major opponents who ran against George Washington?

George Washington didn't have any major opponents when he ran for president. The race was really about who would be the Vice President.

What is the 1st president?

its really john hanson but every on says its George Washington

Who was a better president Jefferson or Washington?

George Washington was no doubt more successful as president, but John Adams really did not have much of a chance to better Washington. Washington was hard to top.

Did George Washington ever expect to become president?

No. In fact he never really wanted to be the president but was convinced by fellow patriots it was his duty to do so.

Why does George Washington deserve a monument?

He was the 1st president of the United States.

Why did America name Washington after George Washington?

Washington really was the father of the US in many ways- he was a leader in the rebellion from Britain, commanded the winning army, served as president of the constitutional convention and was elected without opposition to be the first president of the country.

Why was school important to George Washington?

Because when George Wahsington was in school he never really payed attention in class but he realized when he got picked for president it really did because you have to learn to get a good reputation for school.

When did George Washington retire of being president?

He retired, well not really. His 2nd term was up. That happened March 4, 1797.

How did George Washington become famous in American government?

He was the first U.S congresesional president. He didn't even really want to do it but he did it for the country