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This is true. If you asked this question, most likely you are doing SOS.

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Q: Was Lincoln very pleased with the actions of his generals?
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What were the fear of Abraham Lincoln?

Lincoln was a interesting man. Some historians think he had depression. In his life he lost 2 sons to disease, he had to fight a civil war throughout his presidency, and his wife would lock herself in a room. She took their sons deaths very hard. In pictures you can see the aging of Lincoln. He also had death threats against him all during his presidency.

Is there a baby picture of Abraham Lincoln?

There are plenty of pictures of both of them separately, but no picture exists of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln together. Because of their dramatic difference in height (Mary was between 5' and 5'4"; Abraham was 6'4"), Mary wouldn't sit for a photo of them together.

Who was the president at the beginning of the civil war?

Abraham Lincoln had just been elected US President when the Southern states that would become united as the Confederate States of America seceded. According to Wikipedia, part of the reason for secession was due to the South's concerns that Lincoln would abolish slavery entirely. Since Lincoln had not been inaugurated when the states seceded, though, James Buchanan was technically President at the very start. Jefferson Davis was president of the Confederacy.

US coin that feature a president image twice?

Take any penny minted in 1959 or later. Look closely inside the Lincoln Memorial. A very strong magnifying glass may help.

Political parties are most visible and important in the?

They reflect the voice of different sections and classes of the society.they seek to gain public support, for this their actions result in the benifit and welfare of the public only.they are important institution and a crucial part of our society and constitution as their presence marks the formation of a country 's govt. And their actions effect the political metabolism of a country very considerably.....

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Would Lincoln like or dislike Ulysses S. Grant's actions?

Lincoln was very proud of Grant because of all his victories. The battles were victorious because of hard decisions, though. Lincoln usually agreed with Grant's choices, but some of them he disagreed with, and often those were the times that Grant's soldiers had lost a battle. Overall, Abraham Lincoln agreed with Ulysses S. Grant's actions during the Civil War

Were British generals or colonist generals better?

The British generals were usually better leaders, especially early in the war. There was plenty of bumbling and incompetency on both sides. Washington's actions after the successful siege of Boston - losing battle after battle on Long Island, Manhattan, etc. - showed him to be a very ineffective leader for that terrible first year of the war. He learned and made great progress in leadership after those defeats.

Weaknesses of Abraham Lincoln?

One major weakness of President Abraham Lincoln was allowing his wife Mary Todd to influence him to the point of making weak national policy. He also failed to sack his generals who were ineffective and propagated corruption in the army.

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