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Q: Was Not a idea that impacted the colonies?
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Who were the founders of these colonies?

Well, since you didn't say what "those" colonies were, we have no idea.

What idea was not included in the declaration of indepedence?

The idea of the withdrawl of slavery in the colonies. Jefferson left this out to please the southern colonies to persuade them to sign the declaration.

How does the technology of today help share idea?

these commitees allow idea by they spreading the idea to the 13 colonies

How do you do your finisher on tna impacted PS2?

no idea u idiot no1 has a ps2 anymore

Did they have courthouses in the 13 colonies?

I have no idea but i think that they did have courthouses.

How did the people of the new colonies expand the idea of freedom of religion the English colonies?

by going to land and making a city

Was thanksgiving only a holiday in the New England colonies?

It was originally in the colonies but when the US expanded, the idea was spread by the transportation

Where and why the middle colonies colonized?

i have no idea this is a very hash question

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The main idea is that all of the characters came together to plant a garden in a vacant lot, which impacted their life's. They found comfort in the garden.

How has the Great Lakes region impacted the identity of Canada?

It has impacted Canada by the p ee pe e

How have humans impacted the land near the pearl river delta?

i have no idea and those of you in 8a use the stemscopes not Google

The idea that colonies existed to benefit the mother country called?