Was a Ugandan dictator.

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Idi Amin was a Ugandan dictator.

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Q: Was a Ugandan dictator.
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Who was a Ugandan dictator?

Idi Amin was a Ugandan dictator.

Who is an ugandan dictator?

olajide olatunji

Did Forest Whitaker when an Oscar award?

Yes. He won the 2006 Best Actor award for his performance as 1970s Ugandan dictator Idi Amin Dada in "The Last King of Scotland."

Who was Iddi Amin?

Idi Amin Dada Oumee (1925 - 16 August 2003), commonly known as Idi Amin, was a Ugandan military dictator and the President of Uganda from 1971 to 1979.

When was Ugandan shilling created?

Ugandan shilling was created in 1966.

When was Ugandan Big League created?

Ugandan Big League was created in 2010.

When was Ugandan Super League created?

Ugandan Super League was created in 1968.

When was Ugandan red colobus created?

Ugandan red colobus was created in 1907.

When did Ugandan Bush War happen?

Ugandan Bush War happened in 1981.

How do you say Ugandan in French?

Ugandan is "ougandais" (masc.) or "ougandaise" (fem.) in French.

Who is a Ugandan war lord?

The most famous Ugandan warlord was the former Generalissimo of the Country Idi Amin. Joseph Kony is another, more current, Ugandan warlord.

Does ugandan passport need a visa to Dominican Republic?

A Ugandan does not need a passport to enter the Dominican Republic.