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The expulsion of the acadians was NOT legal. The british colonies expelled them anyways.

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Q: Was expulsion of the acadians legal?
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How were the Acadians treated during expulsion?

they were harrased

Did most of the Acadians relocate?

Yes, most Acadians were forcibly relocated during the Great Expulsion by the British in the mid-18th century. This event, also known as the Acadian Expulsion, resulted in many Acadians being dispersed throughout North America and Europe.

Which group of French colonists migrated to Louisiana after British expulsion from Canada?

the acadians

What happened to the acadians after the expulsion?

They spread out around the eastern and southern states many settling in Louisiana and Mississippi. Cajun Country

Major event that led to the acadian expulsion?

The British wanted the Acadians to agree to the Oath of Allegiance, which they did to avoid any further complications. But for some reason it didn't get sent back to Britain so the British thought that the Acadians were against them and that is why the British deported them in 1755.

Where were the Acadians deported to?

Tension and mistrust arising from the war between New France and 13 English colonies led to the expulsion of the Acadians. The British thought the Acadians were a threat to appropriation of the land. The Acadians also failed to make an unqualified oath of allegiance to the British Crown.

What has the author A Morel de la Durantaye written?

A Morel de la Durantaye has written: 'Review of the people of Evangeline' -- subject(s): Acadians, Winslow's Expedition for the Expulsion of the Acadians, 1755

Why did the English expel the Acadians from their lands in Nova Scotia?

During the French and Indian War, British colonial officers and New England legislators and militia carried out the Great Expulsion of 1755-1763. They deported approximately 11,500 Acadians from the maritime region. Approximately one-third perished from disease and drowning. One historian compared this event to a contemporary ethnic cleansing, while other historians suggested that the event is comparable with other deportations in history. Many later settled in Louisiana, where they became known as Cajuns. Others were transported to France.

What were the religions of the Acadians?

The Acadians were mostly Roman Catholic.

What was the great deportation?

The Great Deportation (1755-1763), also known as "the Great Acadian Expulsion", took place when the British were worried that the French would rebel against them. They made the Acadians sign an oath of neutrality, and later an oath of allegiance that meant they would fight against the French, their own culture. Many would not sign and were deported from their lands by the British. --- When the Acadians were forced by the British to fight for them in wars against France, they refused. Angered, the British shipped them off to the Thirteen Colonies, and other places in the New World (notably Louisiana). More than 14,000 Acadians were shipped away, and nearly 5000 died in the process.

What kinds of food did the acadians eat?

little kids is what the Acadians liked to eat

What has the author George Frederick Clarke written?

George Frederick Clarke has written: 'Song of the reel' -- subject(s): Salmon fishing 'Chris in Canada' 'Someone before us' -- subject(s): History, Indians of North America, Nova Scotia 'Expulsion of the Acadians' -- subject(s): Acadians, History, Nova Scotia 'Six salmon rivers and another' -- subject(s): Salmon fishing 'The best one thing'