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No it was not

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Q: Was freedom of religion part of the Mexican Constitution of 1824?
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What was the constitution of 1824?

it was the Mexican constitution.

Why did the Texans support the constitution of 1824?

Texas did NOT support the 1824 Mexican constitution. That is why they declared their independence on March 2, 1836.

What ways does the constitution of 1824 mirror the US Constitutions?

They both got Freedom:)

Which document gave people in Mexico republicanism federalism and states rights?

The Mexican Constitution. It was known as the "Federal Constitution of the United Mexican States", enacted on October 4, 1824.

How did the Mexican federal constitution of 1824 restrict people rights?

It was drafted on January 31, 1824. It was ratified on October 24, 1824.

Why did the Texans support the Mexican constitution of 1824?

Because the Texans were apart of the Spanish. The Spanish owned Texas. :D

Who wrote the Mexican constitution of 1824?

george c. childres as said in a Texas history book here in dayton tx :)

Which religion did the constitution of 1824 name as the official state religion of Mexico?

Roman Catholicism. After the Reform Wars (1857-1861) the constitution was changed again to favor a secular state, which has endured to this date.

Did Lorenzo de zavala help write the Mexican constitution in 1824?

yes he did.He was also the vice president of the republic of texas

Why did Texas have a revolution?

Santa Anna didn't enforce the Mexican Constitution of 1824. That Constitution Texas supported. So of course, it angered Texans and tensions grew between Texans and the Mexican government and finally after all options failed, Texans resorted to war.

What happened immediately after General Santa Anna was elected as president of Mexico?

In 1835, Santa Anna overturned the liberal Mexican constitution of 1824 and established himself as a dictator in 1834.

What year was the Mexican constitution established?

The Political Constitution of the United Mexican States of 1917 is the present constitution of Mexico. It was drafted in the city of Santiago de Queretaro by a Constitutional Convention during the Mexican Revolution. It was approved by the Constitutional Congress on February 5, 1917, with Venustiano Carranza serving as the first president under its terms.