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Texas was angry because leaders in Mexico were ignoring the Constitution of 1824, particularly Santa Anna who originally claimed to be on their side but was secretly a centralist, or rather he wanted all power directed towards him, and less power in states' rights. He angered them with every little action and they finally declared war after Austin's arrest.

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For their independance. Texas' independance.

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the unwillingness of Anglo-Americans to accept Mexican rule

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Q: Why did they have a Texas revolution?
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What big event happened in Texas in 1970?

Revolution in Texas

Who was in charge of Texas in the Texas revolution?

the Mexicans of course. then the texans rebelled hence the texas revolution.

Is the Texas Revolution and war with Mexico the same thing?

No. The Texas Revolution is also called the Texas War of Independence.

Is The Alamo a Texas battle site for the Texas revolution?

Yes the Alamo is one of the battle sites during the Texas revolution.

Did the Texas Revolution have an impact on Texas?


What was the importance of gonzales battle?

It marked the beginning of the Texas Revolution.

Was Texas revolution justified?

Depends on what Revolution you are referring to: Texas has been over 6 flags.

Where was the war where Texas got their independence?

texas revolution

As a result of the Texas revolution Texas became what?


As a result of the Texas revolution Texas became?

an independent nation

Who was deaf Smith?

He was a spy and scout for Texas in the Texas Revolution.

What was the effect of the events in the Texas Revolution?

Texas gained Independence.