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Minister Peter Muhlenberg was a patriot. He was born to an Amish family in Pennsylvania where he and his brother, Frederick grew up to be Ministers. George Washington asked him to take command of the 8th Virginia Regiment in 1775. His brother persuaded him to reject the appointment. Soon after, his church was burned down by the British, he joined the Continental Army on his own. Muhlenberg was first stationed in the south defending Georgia and South Carolina with the 8th Regiment. In 1777, the 8th regiment joined Washington's main army. He was promoted to Brigadier General of the Virginia line and participated at the end of the war in Yorkville. In 1783, he was promoted to Major General. He also had a successful political career as he was elected to the 1st congress as at-large representative where his brother Frederick was the Speaker of the House. He also participated in the 3rd and 5th Congress. Thomas Jefferson appointed him Supervisor of Revenue in Pennsylvania in 1801.

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Q: Was peter muhlenberg a loyalist a patriot or a neutral?
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