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Neither the federal nor state governments were able to enforce prohibition effectively.

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Q: Was the federal government able to enforce prohibition?
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How were bootleggers able to sell alchol in many cities?

Police and politicians did not enforce prohibition laws.

Why did George Washington use the 1789 whiskey rebellion to show the world?

The quashing of the whiskey rebellion showed that the US federal government was able and had the resolve to enforce its laws.

How did the Whiskey Rebellion test the power of the national government?

Washington was able to stop the rebellion with troops. This was not the case during Shay's Rebellion. The stopping of the rebellion showed the people that the army was strong and the new government could enforce laws.

What branch of federal government is able to propose an amendment?

the legislative :)

What branch of the federal government is able to propose an amendment.?

the legislative :)

what weakness did delegates at the constitution convention see in the article of confederation?

The federal military was not able to provide for national security

Why was congress a weak form of government?

due to taxes and enforce law they weren't able to get an army, they had to beg or get them from the states.

How many years did it take for the federal government to move Plains tribes onto reservations?

The process of moving Plains tribes onto reservations began in the mid-19th century and continued for several decades. Initially, the federal government started signing treaties in the 1850s, but it was not until the late 19th century, with the Indian Wars and the defeat of various tribes, that the government was able to fully enforce these treaties. Overall, it took several decades, from the 1850s to the late 19th century, for the federal government to effectively relocate Plains tribes onto reservations.

How did ending prohibition help the great depression?

When prohibition ended, people were able to legally produce and sell beverages again. The government could then tax the alcohol and gain profits. This in turn helped ease the United States out of the Depression.

What is the legality of D and X?

Several states have taken legal action to limit or ban D and X.March 2003,the United States Senate passed a bill banning partial birth abortions.but a federal judge declared the law unconstitutional,so that the government had not been able to enforce it.

Should the federal government be able to override state policies?

supremacy clause- federal law ranks supreme over state laws

Is it fair for a government to enforce strict observation of religious rules?

no because you should be able to believe what ever you want to! and NOBODY should tell you different!