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Chinese were isolated for a long time while, British invented many weapons which let Great Britain defeat China in the Opium War.

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No the Chinese were defeated by the British in the opium war because their weapons were no match for Britain's gunboats.

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Q: Were the British defeated by the Chinese in the Opium War?
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The British were defeated by the Chinese in the Opium War?


Who won the Opium War the Chinese or the British?

The British won the first and second Opium War.

How did the Opium War weaken the Qing Dynasty?

Chinese weapons were no match for British gunboats.

What did Britain want to import into China during the Opium War?

The British needed Chinese goods, primarily tea, but the Chinese didn't need anything from the British. That would leave a trade deficit on the British side, so they got the Chinese nation addicted to opium (unprocessed heroin) which they produced in India. When the Chinese emperor tried to ban opium, the Chinese people rebelled against him, backed by the British, which led to Opium wars.

What war between the Chinese and British opened China up to foreign trade?

the opium war

What was the outcome of the opium wars?

The British empire, the largest drug dealer in the history of the world, beat the Chinese in two opium wars and gained the right to sell opium in more Chinese cities...the British could not colonize the Chinese and understood that making them into drug addicts may work this led to a three year conflict with Brittan and china. the war lasted from 839 to 1842. China was defeated humiliatingly.

What conflicting British and Chinese positions led to the Opium war?

The conflicting positions were Britain refused to stop trading opium and to sop making the chinese smoke it.

Who were the Chinese imperialism leaders?

There were no specific Chinese imperialism leaders. The British treasury was the source of Opium being sold to China, which later led to the Opium War.

What war between the Chinese and British finally opened China up to foreign trade?

the opium war

What war between Chinese and British finally opened china up to foreign trade?

the opium war

Which country smuggled opium into China and initiated the Opium Wars?

British merchants had the habit of smuggling opium into China. The Chinese government was opposed to this, so blocked British shipping from entering Chinese ports. The British Foreign Secretary, Lord Palmerston (who was called 'the irreducible minimum of government, the cement of British politics') took offence to this and declared war on the Chinese.

Did the Chinese start a war because they didn't tell anybody how to make silk?

No. China did not start the Opium wars. The Opium wars were started by the British, who desperately wanted Chinese products, but were not able to get any because the Chinese people were not interested in British imports. Britain finally discovered Opium, and quickly got the Chinese population addicted. When the emperor of the time banned Opium, Britain attacked China, which launched the Opium wars.