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There were 26 women in the American Revolution.

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martha fox

with martha cheeting on george washing ton

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Women were not in the Revolutionary War.

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Q: Were women in the Revolutionary War?
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What side did women usually fight for in the revolutionary war?

Women were on both sides in the Revolutionary War.

How did women act during the revolutionary war?

no women didn't fight in the revolutionary war. Correction: women did fight in the revolutionary war just not as women, a few women dressed as men and enlisted or took the place of their husbands after they died.

Did women dress up as men during the revolutionary war?

yes many women dressed up as men inthe revolutionary war

What was life like for women in the Revolutionary War?

The life of women in the revolutionary war changed as the war went on. Women were recognized more due to working for the husbands and doing work that the men could not do because they were fighting. After the war ended women were recognized more often and had women's rights.

Who were the two famous women in the revolutionary war?


Which women were famous women on the revolutionary war?

Molly Pitcher and Deborah Sampson

What role did the women play in the revolutionary war?

Many women in the revolutionary war provided comfort and support to the soldiers. They followed the army to cook and do laundry. Some women took up arms as the men fell.

What were women's roles in the Revolutionary War?

running business and homes

What rights did women lack during the revolutionary war?

she did nothing

What were women's role in the revolutionary war?

running business and homes

What did women do in the war American revolutionary?

Nothing. We went trusted.

The women who followed the armies in the Revolutionary War were called what?