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Medicaid, Medicare, and The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are in effect today. I typed "elementary and secondary education act" into Google and came up with the Department of Education page on the Act of 1965 and 2001 - it turned into No Child Left Behind. Overall, Medicare and Medicaid are probably of the highest impact, especially Medicare. My reasoning is that Medicare is for all older people regardless of their socioeconomic status, and it helps so many. Today I think there are very few people who could afford all their medical needs on their retirement savings, social security, and/or pensions. My grandmother had major surgery a few years ago, and between Medicare and her other insurance it was completely free. That takes much stress away from older people. It also takes stress off of their families, who may not be able to support elderly family they are responsible for. My grandfather lives with my uncle's family. And while they are middle class, there is no way they could afford his medical care. However, Medicare covers his diabetic supplies and doctor's visits. Medicare really helps everyone in a sort of trickle down way.

HUD, though, is also helping many people in this economy and is probably a close second. If you read their website - - they have many programs to help people get and keep their homes. Housing and medical care are two of the most important things in anyone's life.

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Q: What Great Society programs are still in effect?
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