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In the modern age, it was Bill Clinton, who used executive privilege at least twelve times (some sources say fourteen). But George W. Bush used Signing Statements more than any other president (over 800 times).

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Q: What President has used executive privilege the most times?
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Can a sitting us president be subpoenaed?

Yes, he can be. However, it is not clear that he has to reply to it. He can refuse most subpoena because of his right of executive privilege.

Who manages most of the US government?

Executive office of the president

What did President Nixon believe about executive privilege?

President Nixon shared most of the past US presidents' beliefs about the expansion of executive privilege. On the whole, the power of the US presidency has had an expanding role in US politics since the early years of Jefferson.

What arguments did President Nixon use to try to withhold the water gate tapes?

Nixon sought to invoke "executive privilege". Executive privilege isthe power claimed by thePresident of the United Statesand other members of theexecutive branchto resist certainsubpoenasand other interventions by thelegislativeandjudicial branchesof government. The concept of executive privilege is not mentioned explicitly in theUnited States Constitution, but theSupreme Court of the United Statesruled it to be an element of theseparation of powersdoctrine, and/or derived from the supremacy of executive branch in its own area of Constitutional activity TheSupreme Courtconfirmed the legitimacy of this doctrine inUnited States v. Nixon, but only to the extent of confirming that there is a qualified privilege. Once invoked, a presumption of privilege is established, requiring the Prosecutor to make a "sufficient showing" that the "Presidential material" is "essential to the justice of the case."(418 U.S. at 713-14).Chief JusticeBurgerfurther stated that executive privilege would most effectively apply when the oversight of the executive would impair that branch's national security concerns. In the case of Watergate, national security was NOT the issue at hand.

The plural executive is most similar to?

the president's cabinet

Who manages most the government?

Executive office of the president

Who manages most of the government?

Executive office of the president

Who do most people in the executive branch work for?


Who are the members of the executive branch of the Philippines?

The executive branch of the Philippine government is the largest branch, with the executive departments having the most compartments. The executive branch consists of the president, vice president, cabinet, executive departments, and local government.

The office that works most closely with the president is?

The executive office of the president works most closely with the president of the United States. The executive office of the president is headed by the white house chief of staff and consists of the president as well as various support staff.

Why is the president decribed as the chief executive of the nation?

One of the most important duties of the president is to serve as the chief executive or chief administrative officer of all government agencies. As such he is the chief executive of the nation.

What is the Most important unit within the Executive Office of the President is the?

Your mother.