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The acts passed by the British Parliament that began the events leading to the American Revolution were called the Intolerable Acts. The List attached to the Declaration of Independence lists over a thousand reasons. Other reasons existed.

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The Intolerable Acts.

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Q: What acts led to the American Revolution?
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What intolerable act was the worst?

They were all "intolerable." The acts led to the American Revolution.

Why is the American Revolution important to you?

the American revolution is important because it led to the revolutionary war

What chronological order do these 4 events belong in 'the sugar and stamp acts' 'the townshend acts' 'the Declaration of Independence' 'the American Revolution'?

The Sugar and Stamp Acts The Townshend Acts The American Revolution Begins The Declaration of Independence

What were the effects of the American Revolution?

The American Revolution led to political, social, idealogical, and economic effects.

Who led the American troops in the revolution?

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What is The Difference Between the American Revolution and the communist revolution?

The Communist (Stalin's) revolution led from an absolute Monarchy to a dictatorship run by Joseph Stalin. The American revolution Led from administration by a parliamentary Monarchy to a Democracy.

Who was the polish officer that led the American troops in the American revolution?


What result led to the American Revolution?

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What led to the battle of kings mountain?

American revolution

Who led the loyalists in the American Revolution?

George washington

Is their any u words in the American revolution?

untollerable acts

How did the american revolution impact the relationship between the church and the state?

The American revolution led to the separation of Church and State.