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The Hessians fought with the British.

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Q: What are German soldiers who helped the british?
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What are German soldiers that help the british called?

German traitors

Why did the trial of british soldiers helped the colonists calm down?

The British soldiers realized the situation was about to explode and called for help.

From where did the British hire soldiers from?

The British employed help from the German Hessians

What did the Americans call the hired British soldiers during the revolutionary war?

If you mean the German soldiers that the British hired, that would be the Hessians. If you're talking about the actual British soldiers, that would be redcoats.

What are the 2 types of soldiers who helped the british?

the gods and the goddess

What slang terms did German soldiers use for US British and Russian soldiers in World War 1?

The Germans referred to the British as 'Tommys'.

Who fought at Normandy?

American,British,Canadian,French and German soldiers.

What helped the British locate German you-boats?

United States.

What special soldiers did British hire to fight in the war?

They were German soldiers. About half of them were from German region of Hesse and the other were from other small German small reigns. For that reason they were called "Hessians" without distinction by the Americans.

What kind of soldiers fought in The Revolutionary War?

British and Americans mainly, but the British also got the German on their side ( the German soldiers were called Hessans)

Who was the German soldier who helped train the Continental soldiers at Valley Forge?

Baron von Steuben

Who was a German soldier who helped train the Contienental soldiers at Valley Forge?

Baron von Steuben.