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The Americans love adventure, they are hell-bent on a spending spree, to make them happy, they do not attach too much importance on savings, mostly pious, but most importantly practical-minded. They recognize efficiency and allow entry for people from any part of the world, irrespective of creed, colour, religion, culture etc. They appreciate only the quality of the people. They are truly patriotic, in the sense that they show green signal to any Tom, Dick and Harry, provided they will contribute to the growth of the nation as a whole. They are the only people who enjoy freedom to the core, and do all things to remain happy, happy and happy, taking a cue from the Preamble to The American Constitution, which reads " In pursuit of happiness........" They truly reflect the PLEASURE PHILOSOPHY which says every action of man even from childhood is motivated by a desire to be happy. For the sake of happiness, they will marry, for the sake of happiness, they will live separately, for the sake of happiness they will even eat the forbidden "apple" if according to their consciousness, it is righteousness. I LOVE AMERICANS

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Q: What are character traits of Americans?
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