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Peripheral Rights

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Q: What are rights that are not explicity listed in the Constitution but are recognized by courts?
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How are the jurisdictions of Florida courts determined?

They are listed in the Florida state constitution.

What type of inferior courts are listed in the US Constitution?

No types of inferior courts are listed in the US Constitution. The Constitution sets up the Supreme Court in Article III but leaves it to Congress to set up other inferior courts as it sees fit. In addition to the Article III power to create inferior courts, Article I also empowers Congress to create tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court but likewise does not describe what type they might be.

What are some examples of non-enumerated rights?

Non-enumerated rights are rights that are not explicitly listed in the Constitution but are implied through the interpretation of the document. Examples include the right to privacy, the right to travel, and the right to marry. These rights have been recognized and protected by the courts based on the Constitution's broader principles and protections.

What right is a right that is not explicitly listed in the Constitution but nevertheless recognized and protected by the Supreme Court?

The right to choose abortion under limited circumstances.

What are the different jurisdictions of the federal and state courts?

A difference between state and federal courts is that the federal court is limited to the types of cases listed in the Constitution, while the state courts have broad jurisdiction. Since both of the courts have jurisdiction, parties are allowed to choose to be heard by the federal or state court.

Does the states or people responsible for the powers not listed in the constitution?

It's the states responsibility if it is not listed in the constitution.

What was added to the constitution that listed the rights not already in the constitution?

Bill of Rights

What branch of government can pass legislation that governs the jurisdiction of courts?

The Legislative Branch, or Congress, has the authority to set the jurisdiction of the federal courts, including the appellate jurisdiction of the US Supreme Court. They may not strip the Supreme Court of original jurisdiction over cases and controversies listed in Article III of the Constitution.

What is explicit powers?

powers listed in the Constitution

Are all powers of congress specifically listed in the constitution expressed powers or reserved powers?

Expressed powers are powers of Congress specifically listed in the Constitution.

What was added to the constitution that listed right not already in the Constitution?

Bill of Rights

How many Statutory lanugages are there in INDIA?

There are 22 officially recognized languages in India, which are listed in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution. These languages are granted the status of "scheduled languages" and have official recognition at the national level.