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The Constitution does not specify a number of different things about the Supreme Court including:

  • Qualifications Necessary to become a Supreme Court Judge or any Federal Judge
  • Number of justices on the Court
  • Distinction between Chief Justice and Associate Justices
  • Length of Service or Term (it is implied to be a life term, but never made explicit)
  • How to leave the Supreme Court
  • Responsibility for Circuit Courts
  • When the Court's Term begins and ends
  • The Proper Relationship with Lower Courts, i.e. that cases in the District Courts must go through the US Courts of Appeals / Circuit Courts before going to the Supreme Court
  • Requirement for a Writ of Certiorari (for a case to be heard)
  • Judicial Reivew
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Q: What are some aspects of the Supreme Court's structure and composition that the Constitution does not specify?
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