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they give special thanks and honor or sacrificing their lives to protect our country

we also send letters or cards to them if theyre away during that holiday

we also salute to the veterans as they salute to the American flag

veterans that came home with their families were mostly welcomed and sometimes throws a party for their return

we also give gifts to our veterans that return home

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In the US, veterans are honored on Veteran's Day by military ceremonies and parades, military open houses and air shows, flying US flags on homes and businesses, and with the thoughts, prayers and thanks of a grateful nation.

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There are several ways to honor American fallen soldiers. You can make a care package and send it to the soldiers who are currently fighting. Often times memorials are established in honor of our fallen soldiers. There are several military charities and several military museums.

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DURING THE WAR they simply received a military funeral.

The military honored their own.

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Q: What are some ways that American fallen soldiers are honored?
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