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Q: What are the English and french relations in confederation?
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Which one of the following was not a cause of tension between French and English relations in Canada?

One of the following was not a cause of tension between French and English relations in Canada is economic competition.

Did the articles of confederation and the US Constitution provide for the french and English settlers?

The Articles of Confederation as well as the United States Constitution were intended to define the rights of citizens of the country. If French and English settlers were citizens of the colonies, the rights that were outlined in both documents would represent them as well.

Which is not true of the French and Indian war?

it did not create comfortable relations between formerly hostile French Catholics and their Calvinist English neighbors.

How did conflict between the french speaking and English speaking members of the Canadian government eventually contribute to confederation?

it didnt =_=

Relations with which of the following countries were tense during the Confederation period?

relations with all of these countries were tense

When was French Democratic Confederation of labor created?

French Democratic Confederation of Labour was created in 1964.

When was French Confederation of Christian Workers created?

French Confederation of Christian Workers was created in 1919.

What were the french English relations?

From 1066 until 1914; Arch Enemies.WW1 was the first time the British, and French, had been on the same side in a war!

Explain whether the Confederation government was strong or weak in the area of trade relations?

It left the central government weak because the states maintained a majority of the power.

What was the English and French relations before the French Revolution?

They had been bitter rivals during the Seven Years Wars and on opposite sides in the American Revolution.

What has the author Francine Lalonde written?

Francine Lalonde has written: 'Canada's challenge' -- subject(s): English-French relations, French-Canadians, Canadians

Why did the French have better relations with the Indians than English settlers?

The French had better relations with indigenous peoples in North America than English settlers because they were more focused on establishing trade alliances rather than displacing or subjugating them. The French often integrated with indigenous communities through intermarriage and the fur trade, whereas the English sought to expand their territories and push Native Americans off their land. This difference in approach led to more positive interactions between the French and indigenous groups.