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Q: What are the initials of a patriot who spoke against the stamp tax?
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Who was one of the first to speak out against the stamp act?

Patrick Henry

Acts passed to punish the colonies for rebelling against the stamp act?

The cider tax was passed to punish the colonies for rebelling against the stamp act. The cider tax was a tax by Britain for alcoholic beverages and ciders.

What act was passed to punish colonists for rebelling against Stamp Act?

The Townshend Act was passed in 1767 after the Colonists rebelled against the Stamp Act. The Townshend Act was a tax on glass, paint, lead, tea and other things the Colonists needed.

Who warned the colonies?

The colonists were warned about the impending Stamp Act by several influential figures including Benjamin Franklin Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams. Franklin Henry and Adams spoke out against the Stamp Act warning the colonists of the potential consequences of the Act. The colonists were warned about the Act in various ways including: Benjamin Franklin wrote an editorial in the Pennsylvania Gazette warning of the possible consequences of the Act. Patrick Henry gave a speech in the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1765 warning of the consequences of the Act. Samuel Adams wrote several letters to the other colonies warning them of the Stamp Act.These three influential figures helped to spread the word and warn the colonists of the dangers of the Stamp Act.

Why did king george repeal the stamp act?

King George repealed the Stamp Act in 1776. He repealed this act for many reasons. One reason was because the King noticed that the colonists were protesting. Samuel Adams led a mob, that protested against the Stamp Act. The Sons of Liberty (a group of people who hated the Stamp act) tar'd and feather'd the tax collectors and burned the taxes and the tax collectors homes.

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Who was one of the first colonists to speak against the stamp act?

* It was Patrick Henry. I am absolutely sure.

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What was Samuel Adams argument against the patriots?

He wasn't against the patriots, he was a patriot. He argued that Great Britian was unfairly taxing the colonies without their consent. Examples are the Sugar Act, Stamp Act, and Tonwshend Act.

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Important people of the Stamp Act?

Some famous people in that protested the Stamp Act were: Samuel Adams - He helped start the Sons of Liberty Patrick Henry - He spoke out about the Stamp Act to the Virginia House of Burgesses

The Virginia resolves against the stamp act were introduced by?

The Virginia Resolves against the stamp act were introduced to the Virginia house of burgesses by Patrick Henry in 1765

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