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According the US Treasury web-site:

All denominations of paper currency notes printed since 1929 are the same size, measuring approximately 2.61 inches (6.63 centimeters) by 6.14 inches (15.60 centimeters). Each note weighs about one gram.

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Q: What are the measurements of an American one dollar bill?
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What is the weight of an American dollar bill?

A dollar bill weighs one gram as does any denomination of American paper money

What does the scale symbol represent on the one dollar bill in American money?

The one dollar bill in American currency is filled with symbols. The scales on the dollar represent the scales of justice.

What year did they stop making the American one dollar bill?

As of 2010, the US is still producing the One Dollar bill.

What is a 1877 England one dollar coin worth?

less than the American dollar bill.

Which American Presidents portrait appears on the one dollar bill?

George Washington

What president appears on a ten dollar bill?

On the American 10 dollar bill, there is Alexander Hamilton, who is one of the non presidents on the dollar bills.Did you know who was the first president in the United Sates?

Where is the date on an American one dollar bill?

It should be very clear to see, right on the front above the "R" in the word DOLLAR at the bottom of the bill's front.

How much is one American dollar bill worth in the US?

That's a circular question. A current American $1 bill ISa US bill. It's worth its face value only.

What is the history behind the US one dollar bill?

The American Dollar bill has the oldest design in all of the U.S. Currency. The first dollar bill was issued as legal tender in 1862. The motto In God We Trust was required on all currency in 1955.

What is the smallest in Size us paper money?

the one dollar bill is the smallest denomination. The bills from 1 to 100 dollars are all the same size in measurements.

What dollar bill is George Washington's face on?

it was on the 1 dollar bill

How can you make 16 dollars using exactly and only 3 bills?

you use one ten dollar bill, one five dollar bill, and one one dollar bill.