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The Democratic party (President Obama and V.P Joe Biden) and the Republican party (Governor Romney and Paul Ryan)

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Republicans and Democrats.

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Q: What are the names of the two major political parities in the US today?
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What is the major political party today?


What are two major political parties in the political parties today?

republicans and democrates

What are the names of two political parties today?

Republicans and Democrats

Why jean Jacques Rousseau is important?

He was a major political philosopher from Switzerland. He was a very democratic person (and you can see his legacy with Switzerland today).

Who are the major political parties today?

Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, The Green Party

What are some difference between our two major political parties today?

Democrats and Republicans are the two major American political parties today.

What are the names of two Major parties today?

We need to know the name of the country concerned.

What ate the two major political parties in the US today?

Listed in alphabetical order: * Democrats * Republicans

What are two major political parties in the US today?

Democrat and Republican

What mistakes did political parties or people make in dealing with historical political issues and what could have been done differently?

What are the two major parties in the US today?

Which challenge of the 1800s continues to be an issue in the US today?

Political issues are divided between two major parties.

Three major causes of mass migration today are?

Political instability and conflict: Wars, political persecution, and human rights abuses force many people to flee their homes in search of safety and security. Economic hardship: Poverty, lack of job opportunities, and economic instability drive people to seek better prospects in other countries. Environmental factors: Natural disasters, climate change, and environmental degradation can displace communities, leading to mass migration in search of more habitable living conditions.