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I believe it is councilmen

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Q: What are the people who are elected to represent a ward in a city called?
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How is the national government an example of representative democracy?

People are elected to represent the people of their district, city, local, federal or state governments.

What is a council member elected by the entire city called?

A council member elected by the entire city is typically called an at-large council member. They represent the interests of the entire city rather than a specific geographic area or district.

How were members of the boule selected to represent the city-state in Athens?

Each of the 10 tribes elected 50 of their members to represent them in the boule.

What is a city councilmember?

In a city or municipality, the governing body is typically a group of officials who are citizens residing in that city, and represent areas or districts within the city. They are either elected or appointed. This group of elected or appointed officials is typically called a city council. In most cities, a mayor is the highest official, and depending on local laws, may preside over the city council. Individual members of this council are called city council members.

Who is Ontario's city counciller?

No such post exists. Ontario isn't a city, it's a province. City councillors are elected to represent ridings within cities. For example in Toronto there are 44 wards, each has a councillor to represent it at City Hall.

Who are the people represented by an elected official?

A person elected to office is called an elected official. People must vote for an elected official through elections that are for city, state, or federal government positions. Examples of elected officials are mayors, governors, senators, state representatives, and presidents.

How are city judges elected?

People vote

What is the head of a town or city?

the elected head of a town or city is called a a mayor

What is a group of peole elected to make laws and manage a town or city called?

A group of people elected to make laws and manage a town or city is called the City Council. Even very small towns have some kind of leadership, even if the town council is made up of one person, the mayor.

What are the responsibilities of an elected member?

Responsibilities of local elected bodies Elected bodies represent a particular ward area. These elected bodies are the decision makers for the whole of the city council area, they are also the policy makers for future representatives. These people are auditors of the work of the council, regulators of planning and have licensing and other matters required by government and as community leaders. As you can expect these elected bodies are under a lot of pressure because they want everything that they can for the county they are representing The same is true for state and federal bodies. They are to represent the people who elected them and keep their best interests at the forefront.

The head of municipal government is?

The chief executive officer of a city is usually called the mayor or the city manager. Mayors are elected officials, sometimes elected as such and sometimes elected from the city council or board of aldermen. A city manager is a professional, hired by the city council.

What individuals is Athens ruled by?

The city Councillors elected by the people.