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You need to answer this question question because we don’t do homework and your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson.

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Q: What are the reading plus answers to level b Helen and anne?
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When was Anne Helen Rui born?

Anne Helen Rui was born in 1950.

Who is Helen Keller's hero?

Helen Keller's hero was a woman named Anne Sullivan. Anne tutored Helen, by spelling words in her hands. A few weeks later Helen knew what they meant. Then Helen was free, and Anne Sullivan was Helen's hero

How does Anne Sullivan read to Helen Keller?

Yes,when she was younger,Anne read to Helen

Who was an Sullivan to Helen Keller?

Anne Sullivan was a teacher to Helen Keller. Anne was the one who taught Helen to communicate with the outside world.

How was Anne Sullivan introduced to Helen Keller?

Anne Sullivan helped Helen Keller when Helen was about six years old and for a long time after that.

Where does Anne Murray have a condo in Florida?

Sorry, Answers doesn't give out this level of personal detail about anyone.

Anne first taught Helen to what?

Anne Sullivan first taught Helen Keller the concept of language by spelling words into her hand. This breakthrough allowed Helen to communicate with others and learn about the world around her.

What day did Anne Sullivan arrive to work with Helen Keller?

Anne Sullivan arrived to work with Helen Keller on March 3, 1887.

What was Anne Sullivan life like before and after meeting Helen Keller?

Anne Sullivan's life had changed because Anne had realized that Helen needs her

What was Anne Sullivan life before and after meeting with Helen Keller?

Anne Sullivan's life had changed when she had met Helen Keller

What did Anne take Helen when she first went to begin to teach her?

Anne took a doll to Helen when she first went to teach her.

Who was Helen Keller assistant?

Robert L. Osgood was Helen Keller's assistant after Anne Sullivan