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The parliament document,the be the owner document the piners used,freedom

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Q: What are the three English documents were discussed in class which helped?
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What are some speeches for class president?

You need to write your own speech so it will be meaningful to you and your classmates. Talk about what you're going to do as president and why it's important to the school. Talk about how eager you are to help the class by doing these things. Thank everyone who helped you.

What are the qualifications for the Pennsylvania Senate?

25 years oldAmerican Citizen4 years lived in the state wanted to be represented1 year lived in the district.Hope this helped just learned this in my civics class.*4$bread* (: for you D. (;

What are some social classes?

low class, middle class, upper class/high class

How did the Great Migration affect the political power of African Americans in the north?

he Great Migration helped to establish the stepping stone for the African American industrial working class. It also paved the way for black political power as the more African Americans migrated, the more they became an acceptable group in society, even though discrimination was still prevalent in certain residential areas.

How did historians agree that The Great Awakening influenced Americans to fight for independence?

The Great Awakening helped break down the barriers that kept social classes apart. The preachers insisted that there was a spiritual equality to all people no matter where they were from, or what class, race, and gender they were. All could participate in the direct expression of religion. People interpreted this thinking into the secular and that it could allow the free people among them to contest the hegemony of the wealthy ruling class of merchants and great planters. This gave people a common language and helped to mitigate the differences between ethnic groups. The cultures of early America were complex and by the mid 18th century class similarities among farmers and gentlemen pointed toward consolidated class cultures, but the differences persisted. These differences and the regional differences would effect American politics and eventually lead to civil war.

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