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low class, middle class, upper class/high class

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upper class

upper middle class

lower middle class

working class

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Q: What are some social classes?
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What were some social classes in ancient Greece?


How do you use the word 'social classes' in a sentence?

There are several social classes.Passengers were housed on the Titanic according to their social classes.Some social classes are treated better than others.

What else happens at the synagogue apart from weekly worship?

-- Daily worship -- Adult classes -- Young adult classes -- Teen classes -- Children's classes -- In some synagogues, community and social events -- In some synagogues, social meetings such as youth groups, scout groups, etc.

Did apache people have social classes?

No there were no social classes in the Apache tribe.

What are the differences between China social classes and Egypt social classes?


What are the 3 social classes of Sparta?

The social classes are citizons, non-citizons, helots.

What are the social classes in Switzerland?

I think they eliminated social classes in Switzerland by changing the laws

What are social work classes exactly?

Social work classes are classes taken by students aspiring to become a social worker. They deal with various situations. Most colleges have a social work program.

How are social classes and social castes related?

Social classes and social castes are both systems of stratification within a society based on social and economic differences. The main difference is that social class is more fluid and allows for some mobility between classes, while social caste is rigid and individuals are born into their caste and have limited opportunity for social mobility. Both systems impact an individual's access to resources, opportunities, and social status within society.

What do social classes do?

When you need to find out about social work classes the best place to look would be an online university. They will list the locations, and lots of information about their social work classes.

Which was not a member of early Chinese social classes?

Schriebs were not members of the early Chinese social classes.

What were the akkadian social classes?

the social classes are upper class middle class and lower class