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The New Jersey Plan, The Virginia Plan, and the Great Compromise! :)

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Q: What are the three plans presented in the constitutional convention of 1787?
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How was the three fifths Compromise related to the Constitutional Convention?

the three fifths compromise was discussed during the constitutional convention

What were three controversies at the constitutional convention?

there are none its all tru

What three groups were not included to the constitutional convention?

Women, children and slaves

Did an early proposal of constitutional convention call for a three person executive?


What do the first three successors to the presidency have in common?

They all were involved in the constitutional convention.

When and where was the US Constitution first drafted?

The delegates to the Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia, PA drafted the United States Constitution. Three plans were presented to the delegates--the New Jersey Plan, the Virginia Plan, and Hamilton's Plan. The delegates finally accepted what came to be known as "The Great Compromise" which took parts from the New Jersey and Virginia plans. The delegates realized that compromise agreements would be necessary if they were to draft a new constitution for the nation. On Monday, August 6, 1787, the convention accepted the first draft of the Constitution. MrV

5-What were the compromises at the Constitutional Convention What competing interests were at stake?

Constitutional Convention mainly suffered the three-Fifths Compromise. Competing interests were state's slaves, Presidential electors, and direct taxes.

How did the delegates to the constitutional convention solve the problem of how to count slaves for taxes?

The Convention settled on the Three-Fifths rule. A Slave counted as Three-Fifths of a Free Citizen.

What was the great compromise and the constitutional convention?

The Constitutional convention and Compromises include the three-fifths compromise, the Great Compromise was between the small states, the Commerce Compromise, Slave Trade Compromise, and the election of the President.

What year did three-fifth comprimise take place?

1787, at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, PA.

When did delegates approve Three-Fifths compromise?

During the 1787 United states constitutional convention

Who were the big three in the Constitutional Convention?

New York, Virginia, Maryland