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Greek and Roman architecture

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Q: What are the white house capitol and Jefferson memorial based on?
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The Lincoln Memorial appears on the 5 and the Jefferson Memorial is on the 10 Based on the bills on which they appear which of these buildings is worth the most?

Independence Hall $100 US Capitol $50 White House $20 US Treasury Building $10

What are the points of interest in Washington?

Too many to list, but some are the Washington Monument, the White House, the Capitol building, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, WWII Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, Smithsonian Institution, Vietnam Memorial, Holocaust Museum

What monuments located between the White House and Jefferson memorial?

The Washington Monument is located between the White House and the Jefferson Memorial.

What monument is located between the White House and Jefferson Memorial?

The Washington Monument is located between the White House and the Jefferson Memorial.

What building is Thomas Jefferson looking toward from his memorial?

Directly in front of the Jefferson Memorial is the White House

Attractions of Washington DC?

Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, White house, And all the Smithsonian Museums!

What two monuments are found closest to the Lincoln Memorial?

i think it is libray or the white house

5 monuments in Washington DC?

There is one Washington Monument in honor of our first President, George Washington. It is located on the National Mall along Constitution Avenue. It is located between 17th Street and 15th Street. The other "monuments" are memorials. Some of these include the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, George Mason Memorial, Iwo Jima Marine Corps. Memorial, just to name a few. Check out the link of travel guide of Washington for all details And If you live in VA, please tell me what city you live in

What are Washington's landmarks?

The White House The Lincoln Memorial The Washington Monument The Jefferson Memorial The Smithsonian Arlington National Cemetry - JFK grave etc The Washington Cathedral

What is the capitol of the White house?

there is not a capitol of the white house.

Can you give me please some famous places in DC?

Washington Monument Capital Building Fords Theaeter Jefferson Memorial Lincoln Memorial White House the Smithosians Library of Congress FBI buiding Front Lawn WW11 Memorial Iwo Jima Memorial Korean War Memorial Vietnam Memorial

Is the Jefferson's memorial and Montecello the same?

No. The memorial is located in Washington DC and Montecelo was his house. He designed the house and it includes many unusual features. The entry is a museum of various items Jeffereson collected. It is open to the public so if you get a chance to see it, do.