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The Constitution of the United States of America is made up of a preamble and seven articles. It is the first article that defines the powers and limits of the Legislative branch of the government. The second article of the Constitution defines the powers of the Executive branch of government, and the third article of the Constitution defines the powers of the Judicial branch of government.

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Article 1

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Q: What article deals with legislative power?
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What Article in the constitution is the number of people in the house in?

Article I deals with the Legislative Branch

Article 1 in the constitution deals with what branch of the government?


What branch of government does article one two and three cover?

Article 1 deals with the Legislative Branch, the US Congress.

What part of the constitution deals with how the legislative branch work?

Article 1

Which section of the constitution set out the power of the legislative?

Article 2 addresses legislative branch.

Which article deals with the Congress?

It is Article One of the United States Constitution that deals mostly with Congress. In the U.S., the Congress is a bicameral legislature.

Which amendment deals with the legislative branch?

14th section 2

Which article of the US Constitution deals with the legislative branch of government?

A:article one or articles l

What is the description of article 1?

Article I of the Constitution delegates lawmaking power to the legislative branch, which comprises the two houses of Congress.What_is_the_purpose_of_this_article

What branch of government in Article I is given the power to Declare War?


Where is legislative vested?

Legislative power is vested in a Congress of the United States. This is written in Article I, Section I of the US Constitution.

What does each article covers in constitution?

Article One: Legislative powerArticle Two: Executive power Article Three: Judicial power Article Four: States' powers and limits Article Five: Amendments Article Six: Federal power Article Seven: Ratification