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The last battle-- the Battle of Yorktown was fought near the Chesapeake Bay.

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Q: What battle of the revolutionary war was fought by a large bay?
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A map of the American Revolutionary War?

-fort Ticonderoga was fought in 1775 won by the british in ny the fought again in 1777 won by the americans. -quebec was fought in ny also (very highest left corner) british won -long island was fought in the new jersey bay area and british won -trenton was fought in the north top of deleware won by the americans - brandywine was fought inmaryland won by the british -saratoga was fought in the middle of ny and the colonists won! thats all i know off the top of my head !!!!!! :0)

What large bay separates Greenland from the baffin islands?

Baffin Bay is the large bay that separates Greenland from the Baffin Islands. The Davis Strait also separates this area.

What large bay separates Greenland from Baffin island?

Baffin Bay. baffin bay its easy to answer :p

How many people died in the battle of mobile bay?

many people died

What is the significance and outcome of the battle of concord?

The battles of Lexington and Concord are two battles fought on the same day , April 18, 1775, and were the first shots in the Revolutionary War. Coming from Boston to seize colonial military stores at Concord, Mass., a British force of 700 was met at Lexington by 77 local minutemen Resistance soon ended. The British moved on to nearby Concord, where they were met by more than 300 American patriots and were forced to withdraw. On their march back to Boston, they were continually shot at by colonists firing from behind barns, trees, and roadside walls. Deaths totaled 273 British and 95 Americans. The long term outcome was the declaration of independence and the Revolutionary War which lasted for five years, resulted in the surrender of the British and the formation of the United States of America.

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Who won the Battle of Chesapeake Bay?

The Battle of Chesapeake Bay was a crucial naval battle in the Revolutionary War. The Battle of Chesapeake Bay was a crucial naval battle in the Revolutionary War.

Where was the first battle of the spanish-American war fought?

It was the Battle of Manila Bay.

What was the major battle that was fought in the Spanish American war?

For the Navy it was the Battle of Manila Bay and for the Army it was Cuba.

Was the first battle of the Spanish American war fought in Puerto Rico?

No, it was the Battle of Manila Bay in the Philippine Islands.

Where was the first naval battle of the Spanish American War fought?

At Manila Bay in the Philippines.

Where was the first battle between ironclad ships in the civil war fought?

Chesapeake Bay, Virginia

Why was The Battle of Milne Bay fought?

The battle of Milne bay was fought because it to stop the construction of a Japanese aircraft field in New Guinea that can bombard Australia and they can drop paratroopers on the Australian ground so it's an threat for the British and Americans forces that are in Australia.

What is the most important land battle fought in the Spanish American War?

Not famous but the most important was the successful Invasion of Cuba at Guantanamo Bay for without a victory there, no subsequent battle could have been fought.

Are there any revolutionary words that start with V?

Valley Forge is a famous Revolutionary War word. General James Varnum was a general in the Continental Army. The Battle of Valcour Bay was a battle during the war. Virginia was one of the colonies during the war.

Where and when was the Yorktown battle?

HEY! YOU THERE!The answer is in the 13 colonies I believe he means the colony it was fought in... Anyone got the answer? I don't. Oh wait i got it, Virgina.

What two places was the Spanish American War fought at?

It was fought in both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean. There was the Bombardment of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the Battle of San Juan Hill, Cuba. There was the Battle of Manila Bay in the Philippines and the Invasion of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

What was a famous sea battle during the french revolution?

The Battle of the Nile at Aboukir Bay in Egypt on 1 to 3 August 1798 and were a part of the French Revolutionary Wars. The Battle of Trafalgar was an 1805 Battle during the Napoleonic Wars which followed the French Revolution.