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The Judicial Branch.

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Q: What branch can declare laws unconstitutional?
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Related questions

What doese the judicial branch do?

The judicial branch can declare acts unconstitutional and can also declare laws unconstitutional.

What are checks that the judicial branch has on congress?

they can declare laws unconstitutional

What can the Judicial Branch declare?

The Judicial Branch may declare laws related to cases before the courts unconstitutional.

What branch has the power to declare an executive act unconstitutional?

The Judicial Branch had this power. The process in which this branch declare laws constitutional or unconstitutional is called the Judicial Review

What way does the executive branch check powers of the legislative branch?

it can declare laws unconstitutional.

What declare laws unconstitutional?

Who can declare laws unconstitutional

How does the judicial branch check the power of the congress?

Can declare laws unconstitutional

Which branch is for can declare presidential acts unconstitutional?

The Judicial Branch can declare an act of the President unconstitutional.

May declare laws unconstitution?

The Supreme Court of the Unites States may declare laws unconstitutional. It is the only branch legally able to do that.

What is the power of and check on the judicial branch?

The Judicial branch has the power to interpret the laws, or decide if they are unconstitutional. The checks on the Judicial branch are the power of the executive branch to enforce the laws and the power of the legislative branch to make laws.

What is a judicial check on the powers of the legislative branch?

can declare laws unconstitutional (study island)

How did the executive and the judicial branch check the power of the legislature?

They can declare laws unconstitutional and veto them.