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the only explanations for computers is the ballsackchin people because they ejackulated with Elmo and the negros raped the mnm guys.

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Q: What breakthrough made personal computers possible and who were the inventors of this breakthrough?
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What made is possible to develop personal computers?

The microchip made it possible to bring computers to the general public.

Do all computers include one of marcian hoff's inventions?

no, his invention was the 4004. many newer inventions have long superseded it, but it was the breakthrough that made the later inventions possible. Very much like the Fairchild invention of the planar transistor was the breakthrough that made monolithic ICs possible, but ICs aren't just lots of planar transistors, they have other components as well as wiring on the one chip.

What made it possible to develop personal computers?


Did the microchip lead to the development of personal computers?

No, microchips made missile guidance computers possible in the early 1960s. The microprocessor (a specific type of microchip containing a complete CPU) made microcomputers possible in the early 1970s and when microprocessors became powerful enough in the early 1980s, the first personal computers.

Why do you have patent laws?

To encourage inventors, by making it possible for them to make money from their ideas and inventions.

What is the motto of Inductive automation?

Inductive automation's motto is 'Breakthrough to Possible'.

What device was once used for personal computers as well as music?

It it probably a keyboard. Both computers and musical instruments use keyboards. Now, some computers have gone to using touch pads and similar. Another possible device would be a synthesizer. There are synthesizer cards to install in computers for audio and games, and synthesizers are a part of electronic instruments.

Inventor of 5th generation of computer?

charles babbage

Was it possible for Albert Einstein to use computers?

It is not possible for Albert Einstein to use computers because he has short term memory. But he can use computers with programming which makes him remember about his works.

Which technological advancement made it possible for computers to become as small as they are?

The invention of the microchip is the event that spurred computers on to become as tiny as possible.

Can you take 5.9 motor out of a 98 ram 1500 and put in your 99 durango that had a 5.2 motor in it?

It is possible, but the torque converter, computers are different.It is possible, but the torque converter, computers are different.

What are possible drawbacks associated with the adoption of network computers?

What are possible drawbacks