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The major political problems US President Lincoln had to face in October of 1861 were caused by the radical wing of the Republican Party. It became clear that the radicals were unhappy with the moderate views of Republican President Lincoln. They cared nothing about the 1857 US Supreme Court ruling in the Dred Scott case. The radical politicians were out of touch with the Union public, the US Army and their Republican president. These politicians led by such Senators as Wade of Ohio and Chandler of Michigan, saw the Southern rebellion as the way to abolish slavery and to punish anyone connected to slavery.For them the unexpected, but perhaps wish was that a Southern secession was a good thing in that the US Army would solve the slavery issue.

Lincoln had a more moderate and broader view then the radicals. He sought the reunification of the USA as his primary goal. The slavery issue could wait. Here he and General In Chief McClellan agreed.

The foolishness of the First Bull Run loss by the Union did not deter the radicals in their quest for fast and powerful military action to finish off the people they truly hated. Hate rarely works well in most situations. Individuals can hate and do, however, if a government is waging a war based on hate, there will be many losers because of this.

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Q: What caused the political problems faced by US President Lincoln in October of 1861?
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