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Q: What color hair do most Americans have?
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What color hair do women have the most in Americans?

Poo color because women suck

What is the best hair products for African Americans?

Look for products that describe the texture of your hair, not the color of your skin.

Can you be black and have red and brown hair?

Yes. There are black Americans with naturally red/blond/brown hair as hair color of any color isn't exclusive to one race.

What color hair has the most hair follicles?


What is the most common hair color in the US?

Brown with 75% of Americans. Then Blond with 15%. Then Black with 10%. Red is the last with..well not a lot obviously.

What color human hair has the most hair on the head?

Black, it has the most melanin so the hair is thicker

Which color hair has the most hairs?

Obviously Blonde Hair

What is the most common hair color in america?

black hair.

What color was Demeter's hair?

Demeter's hair was typically described as golden or blonde in ancient mythology.

What color hair naturally graces the heads of 1 in 16 Americans?


What is the most popular hair color on women?

black color

What the most common hair color?