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He was to short to ride a horse. He just rode a mule.

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Q: What color was the white horse of Napoleon?
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What color was napolein's white horse?

Napoleon had many horses but his favorite was an Arabian stallion named Marengo. Marengo was a grey colored horse that lightened to a 'white grey' with age.

What was the color of Napoleon's black horse?

Black of course. That's why he was called the Black Horse of Napoleon

What colour is the white horse of napoleon?

White lol

What color was Henry The 5ths white horse?

If he had a white horse, the color was WHITE.

What happened to Napoleon's horse?

His name was Wagraml. Napoleon got the horse in 1809. This horse was brought along during the Elba exile.

What color was Napoleon's white horse?

White. Answer2: Napolean had many horses, but his most famous (and his favorite) horse was Marengo, an Arabian stallion. Marengo was a grey. A grey Arabian will start out a darker color such as black, bay, or Chestnut and slowly turn a white color. Grey horses can be distinguished from True white horses by the color of the skin under their hair. A grey horse will have grey skin and a white horse will have pink skin.

What is x equals y if x equals 6?

This is the same as asking "What is the color of Napoleon's white horse?" If you set x=6, then x WILL EQUAL 6!

What color was grant's white horse?

Grant's white horse is likely the color white. This horse may have other colors like brown or black in spots though.

What color was Henry VIs white horse?

it was white

What color mane does a white horse usually have?


What is the color of the white horse of Louis XIV?

He doesn't have a horse its a limousine White.

What color is Washingtons horse?

Washington`s horse is white of course!