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Nothing. at the time of the war the English were untested in spreading their authority as far and as wide as they could. The Americas were a source of income for them and they felt that they had the power to keep it.

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The American Revolution and the war for independence could have been avoided if the British had decided to treat their American colonies as if they were a close part of the Great Britain. Glad-handing powerful colonists and treating the colonies as a unified part the British Empire. That the Americans could be true-blue Brits was discovered when the French and Indian War was fought against the French colonists and their Native allies.Steps to make American colonies into purely British colonies would have been:

1. Enlisting many colonists into the British army as much as possible;

2. No special taxes to hurt the American colonies;

3. Representation of each of the 13 colonies in the British parliament;and

4. Restricting Immigration to the colonies for mostly British people.

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If granted independence.

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Q: What could England have done differently to prevent the revolutionary war?
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Why did the Treaty of Paris end the revolutionary war?

It was an agreement both the Colonies and England could live with and abide by.

Word that starts with e in revolutionary war?

Evolution, you could use England or eagle (american symbol)

Are there any revolutionary war words that start with the letter K?

You could use King George lll, the king of England at the time.

How did the revolutionary war lead to eventually American patriotism?

American patriotism came about due to England's refusal to understand that their expectations: taxation without representation, high prices of trade goods, expectation that only England could trade with the colonies - were in excess of what the people could tolerate. The Revolutionary War showed England and the world that the colonies - United States by 1776 - were ready, willing and capable of ruling themselves.

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Why did the privateers aid in the Revolutionary War effort?

privateers seized cargoes of rum from the west indies , wool from england and furs from canada idk !

Who won the first battles of the revolutionary war?

The first battle of the Revolutionary War is considered to be the Battle of Lexington. This "Battle" was not even what could be called a skirmish. The British technically won the battle because more Americans than British were killed on Lexington Green and because the colonists did not prevent the British from moving on to Concord.

What was fought by the colonist before the Revolutionary War?

No one really fought the colonists because before the revolution, because the colonies were part of England. Only once the Colonists were independent, could they be called America. But the Colonists could have fought among themselves.

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From whom did the US get their independence?

We got our independence from England. The Virginia Company of London sent over colonists such as John Smith. When we won the Revolutionary War, we became a country called the "Union". It broke our tie with England and we could then make our own laws and govern ourselves.