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The Bronte Sisters are writers from England.

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Q: What country are the Bronte Sisters from?
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What is the duration of The Bronte Sisters?

The duration of The Bronte Sisters is 2 hours.

When was The Bronte Sisters created?

The Bronte Sisters was created on 1979-05-09.

Delete you from this sitethanks the bronte sisters?

yes please, delete me from the bronte sisters my profile.

Who was the father of the Bronte sisters?

Patrick Bronte was the father of the Bronte sisters - Charlotte, Emily, and Anne. He was an Irish Anglican clergyman and writer.

Which Yorkshire village is the home of the Bronte sisters?

The Yorkshire village that is home to the Bronte sisters is Haworth. The Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth is where the sisters, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bronte, lived and wrote some of their famous novels. Today, Haworth is a popular tourist destination for literature enthusiasts.

How Many Brothers and sisters were they in the Bronte family?

there were 8 brothers and sisters

Are all. The Bronte sisters buried at Westminster?

No, none of the Bronte sisters are buried at Westminster Abbey. Charlotte Bronte is buried in the churchyard of St. Michael and All Angels in Haworth, Emily Bronte in the churchyard of St. Michael and All Angels in Haworth, and Anne Bronte in St. Mary's Churchyard in Scarborough.

What were bronte siblings pseudoyms?

Those were the sisters´ pseudonyms: Currer Bell (Charlotte Bronte) Ellis Bell (Emily Bronte) Acton Bell (Anne Bronte) Martha El Hadidi

Why did the Bronte sisters use pen names?

The Bronte sisters used Masculine pen names because woman writers were not taken seriously at that time in Victorian England

Are the Bronte sisters European?

Yes, the Bronte sisters were born in England and are considered European. They are best known for their contributions to English literature.

Did any of the Bronte sisters write a novel with Grey in the title?

Anne Bronte wrote a novel called 'Agnes Grey'.

How many sisters does charlatte Bronte have?

Four sisters, though two died young and didn't reach adulthood.