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Asia was the country

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Q: What country was once called Anglia?
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What country is East Anglia in?

East Anglia is a region of England, UK.

Which country was once called Albion?

which country was once called albion

What is the country origin of egg nog?

East Anglia, England

Is Essex in east anglia?

YEAH!!! No! Crucially it depends what you mean as "east Anglia". Basically, East Anglia was a kingdom in Dark Age Britain called the Kingdom of the East Angles. Essex - or rather the Kingdom of the East Saxons - was never part of East Anglia. East Anglia was made up of the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk and most if not all of Cambridgeshire. The area once ruled by the Kingdom of East Anglia is today the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. East Anglia as a political entity does not exist and is only relevent in a purely cultural way and as such it does not include Essex. The local government area called the Region of the East of England does include Essex but this region is not synonymous with East Anglia which refers particularly to that part of the east of England formerly within the old kingdom.

What country is credited with creating eggnog?

May have originated in East Anglia, England

Why is East Anglia in south-west England ideal for arable farming?

East Anglia is in South East England (the clue is in the name). East Anglia is ideal for arable farming as the summers are warm and the land is low, fertile and flat. East Anglia also has good transport links to the rest of the country.

What country was once called Persia?

Persia was once called Iran

What country first came up with eggnog?

In England, somewhere in East Anglia

What are east anglia lowlands called?

The East Anglia lowlands are commonly referred to as the East Anglian plains or the East Anglian fenlands.

Is there really a teenager called POOLAPOO?

Yes in East Anglia, Essex

What middle eastern country was once called mesopotamia?

IRAQ was once called Mesopotamia.

In 1067 was England called Anglia or England?

yes England was called anglia in 1067 when people still war animal skins and weaved there close them selfes It was more civilized than that, there were castles and towns and cities.