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Q: What crop became desirable in Europe and enabled Jamestown to prosper?
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How do you use the word Jamestown in a sentence?

jamestown was established in 1609 when the settlers came from europe.

What cash crop did the Jamestown colony send to Europe?

The cash crop that the colony Jamestown had was tobacco.

What has the author Prosper Boissonnade written?

Prosper Boissonnade has written: 'Colbert' 'Colbert et la Compagnie de Commerce du Nord, 1661-1689' 'Life and work in medieval Europe'

What important product did Jamestown export to Europe?

The first product Jamestown exported to Europe was glassware, but the most important was undoubtedly tobacco. Pitch, soap, and lumber were also among the early exports. There is a link below.

Why did Islamic civilizations prosper in the middle ages?

They were highly educated, tolerant, humble, honest, and were in between Asia and Europe.

What resources did Jamestown need in order to grow tobacco to supply the demand for it in Europe?


Where was Jamestown from?

It was from Europe where migrants came and settled in USA and made their first permanent settlement which is known as Jamestown. It is located in eastern area of USA near the coast.

Did Jamestown settlers find a market in England for tobacco.?

Tobacco was a new discovery for the colonists at Jamestown. They quickly learned how to grow it from the Native Americans and exported it to Europe.

How did the commercial revolution contribute to military conflict in Europe?

It enabled countries to afford large armies

How did commercial revolution contribute to military conflicts in Europe?

It enabled countries to afford large armies

Why was the introduction or sugar to Europe a significant event in nutritional history?

It enabled the creation of chocolate as we know it today.

Where was the first settlement in New England?

Plymouth was the first settlement in Massachusetts.