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Q: What cultures were in Mexican cession?
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What is the definition of Mexican Cession?

the Mexican cession was the result of war with Mexico.

Where was the Mexican cession signed?

The Mexican cession was signed at Guadalupe-Hidalgo in 1948.

What were the effect of the Mexican cession?

The mexican cession cause people to get more land

How did Mexico get the Mexican cession?

They got the Mexican cession cuz when they became independent from Spain.

In what year was the Mexican cession?

The Mexican Cession was acquired in 1848 at the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

How did the US get the Mexican cession?

the United states paid Mexico $15 million dollars for this land, which became known as the mexican cession

Who was president of the US when it was the Mexican Cession?

The Mexican-American War, and the resulting Mexican Cession, were during the presidency of James K. Polk.

How was the land of Mexican cession acquired?

The Texas annexation purchased the Mexican cession.

The rest of the Mexican cession divided into the?

The Mexican Cession was divided into New Mexico Territory, and Utah Territory.

What was the date of Mexican Cession?

On February 2, 1848 the Treaty Guadalupe-Hidalgo consolidated the Mexican Cession.

Was there a war for the Mexican cession?

No there was not

Who did you get the Mexican Cessions?

The Mexican Cession was from the country of Mexico.