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Q: What did Sam Houston do about annexation?
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Was Sam Houston for annexation?


Sam Houston did what for the US?

He supported the annexation of Mexican Texas.

Why did Sam Houston push for annexation?

because he got tired

What impact did Sam Houston have on the future of America?

He was instrumental in the annexation of Texas.

Was Sam Houston against annexation?

No, he was in favor of Texas joining the US.

What major Texas official worked for annexation from 1836 to 1838?

Sam Houston

What did Sam Houston not do in his second term as president?

He did not advocate annexation by the United States.

What was Sam Houston's view of annexation to the US?

He agreed with it. Unlike Lamar who was totally against it. How do I know? Because i am SAM HOUSTON...JK... :) I looked it up...

Why did sam Houston like annexation?

Because it helped him get out of debt and help with problems with Mexico.

Why did Sam Houston withdraw his first attempt at annexation?

That proposition lacked majority support n Texas.

What did Sam Houston believe in?

Sam Houston believed in states' rights, promoting the annexation of Texas to the United States, and supporting the rights of Native Americans. He also emphasized the importance of preserving the Union and opposed secession, despite being a southerner.

Compare and contrast Mirabeau Lamar's and Sam Houston philosophies concerning the annexation of Texas its' military and Native Americans who resided within the republic of Texas?

Sam Houston wanted Annexation, because he understood that most of the Texans were actually Americans. Lamar didn't believe in Annexation to the U.S. because he thought that, if they had, then they would have fought for independence for no reason.