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Louis Riel did not kill Thomas Scott.


Riel's government had Scott tried for defying the governments authority. Five of the seven members of the court, lead by Lieutenant A. Lapine, voted for the execution.

Another government, from far away, representing other people, acted on their authority and traveled to the West and killed Riel. It was that government that gave us the narrative that Riel killed Scott.

The reasons for Scotts execution, as for Riel's are many. Scott was violent and challenging the validity of the government selected by local people. He was also threatening life's and had already escaped and make it clear that should he be released or escape again he would kill many people, particularly Catholic people no doubt.

Fear was part of the reason, and it was important that people respect the legitimate government of the people.

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Q: What did Thomas Scott do to make Louis Riel kill him?
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What impact did Thomas Scott have on Louis Riel?

Thomas Scott threatened to kill Louis Riel, which led Thomas to be killed.

Who did Louis riel kill?

Thomas Scott. =============== Wrong. Riel did not kill Thomas Scott. Ambroise Lépine was the man who killed Thomas Scott on March 4, 1870. Riel did not kill anybody.

Who wanted to kill louis riel?

Canada, but Thomas Scott make it clear that he wanted to kill Riel personally.

What did Louis Riel do to be executed in 1885?

Louis Riel Murdered Thomas Scott. ======================== Louis Riel did not murder Thomas Scott. In fact, Riel did not kill anyone. Louis Riel was convicted of treason and was hanged in Regina, Northwest Territories, on November 16, 1885. (Regina is now the capital of the Province of Saskatchewan.) Riel is the only person in Canada's history to have been executed for the crime of treason.

When Louis Riel killed Scott?

NOTE: Louis Riel did not personally kill Thomas Scott. Scott was executed by firing squad.Thomas Scott was in jail because he was captured while leading an armed force with the intention of overthrowing Riel's government. He was killed because he was the most violent prisoner there and he made death threats to Louis Riel, he escaped and said he would return and kill Louis Riel so Riel killed him because he was afraid that if he didn't Thomas Scott would kill him. While Riel did not reach out and shoot Scott himself he did order it and the reason certainly includes fear. It also includes authority. Riel was a leader selected by some of those who lived in the area to be part of the government representing the citizens.Those who did not recognize that government's authority were threats to the government and people. One of the best ways to assert a government's authority is to use force, to kill people, a right governments had automatically in those days.That Riel had the backing of most of the people in Manitoba was proven when, after Manitoba was made a province, he was elected as an MP even though he was in exile.

When and where did Louis Riel kill Thomas Scott?

Louis Riel was involved in the execution of Thomas Scott on March 4, 1870, during the Red River Rebellion in Fort Garry, Manitoba, which is now part of Winnipeg. Scott was a prisoner at the time, and his execution sparked controversy and had significant political consequences.

Why was Thomas Scott arrested?

Thomas Scott was arrested and executed in 1870 in Canada for his involvement in the Red River Rebellion. He was seen as a threat by Louis Riel and the Métis, who were fighting for their rights and land. Scott's harsh treatment of the Métis and his refusal to cooperate led to his arrest and subsequent death.

Why was Louis Riel a bad guy?

Because of his political leadership of the Métis during the Northwest Rebellion in 1885, Louis Riel was tried and convicted of having committed an act of treason, for which he was hanged.

Was Louis reil a good person?

it depends on your perspective. if you're on the English side, then Louis riel was a pest. if you're on the french side, then Louis riel was a great hero who defended their rights.

Who killed Thomas Scott?

Louis Reil ========= No! Louis Riel did not kill anybody! Ambroise Lépine presided over the trial of Thomas Scott. Scott, the most vocal opponent of Riel's provisional government, was executed on March 5, 1870. Lépine was found guilty of aiding in the murder of Scott. On October 10, 1874, Lépine was sentenced to be hanged on January 29, 1875. Later, his sentence was commuted to two years in prison.

Why was Thomas Scott killed?

Because he opposed Metis leader Louis Riel by calling all the metis a bunch of cowards and other insults. He threatened Riel to escape his prison and personally kill him. Then, riel tried him adn passsed and Scott was within 24 hours in front of a firing squad which then killed him.

Why was Louis Reil hanged if he didn't kill Thomas Scott?

Louis Riel was hanged for leading the Red River and North-West Rebellions in Canada, which were seen as acts of treason against the Canadian government. The government viewed his actions as a threat to national security and sought to make an example of him to deter further rebellions. His involvement in the killing of Thomas Scott was one of several factors contributing to his conviction and execution.